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We are delighted that Sporting Bears Motor Club will be joining us at PetrolheadonismLive - offering passenger rides, on the road, in the car of your dreams - simply for a donation to charity.

This is a unique and exciting experience where in return for a minimum donation to UK children's charities we take you out for a 10 mile/20 minute passenger ride in the car of your dreams! During this ride you will experience the thrill of a Ferrari, the sound of a Lamborghini or the simple joys of classic car from a bygone age. With 1,500 members in the club, we certainly have a car for everyone whether you love the classics, hot hatches or the acceleration of a supercar!

About Sporting Bears...

Sporting Bears Motor Club or the “Bears” as we are affectionately known, are a dedicated group of classic, sports and supercar enthusiasts whose primary aim is to raise money for UK children’s charities through our social, touring and 'Dream Rides' events.


Founded in 1989 we have raised almost £2.5 million in total and now regularly raise over £200,000 each year at more than 50 events all over the UK, from small village fates to huge events like Carfest, the NEC Classic Car Shows, the Silverstone Classic and the British Motor Show. We do this mainly through our Dream Rides activities.

We are very proud that the club is run on the generosity of its members and support of our partners who freely give their time, fuel, and maintenance of their cars to ensure that every penny donated by you goes directly to the UK children's charities we support.

In 2020, due to the Covid19 crisis and social distancing restrictions we were unable to carry out any of our usual fundraising activities. This means that the UK children's charities we support have suffered greatly without the much-needed funds we raise for them.

Below are a few short words from some of the charities we support ...

Claire House Hospice cared for Gabe aged 3 and his family at the end of his short life. Jenni, Gabe's Mum wrote “At Claire House we swam together, ate together, watched movies together, took photos together, had fun and made memories. Five days after we moved into the hospice Gabe died surrounded by his family. We are really grateful that you have chosen to support Claire House as they reach out to care for every dying child.”

Birmingham Children’s Hospital wrote to say they felt “beyond privileged that the Sporting Bears Motor Club had chosen them to fund raise for. The paediatric patient experience extends far beyond the walls of our hospital thanks to your support. Weekend camps help children to develop self-confidence and self-esteem. It means so much to our children and families to know that you are thinking of them and sending your love and support.”

As you can see donating with Sporting Bears means you really can and will directly help children in the UK less fortunate than our own and that a donation from you however small really makes a big difference to these charities and the families they support.

As social distancing restrictions are lifting, we are very pleased to return to our dream rides activities following the government’s guidance on this and with robust safety and safeguarding procedures, all of which means you can sit back and enjoy an exciting passenger ride in the car of your dreams!

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