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FABWORX UK Elite Class 7 Concours

Elite Class Hosts

7 Categories of 7 Cars

The Elite Class will be positioned in an area in front of the Main Stage and will see the top 7 cars (1 from each category) being voted on by the judges in a ‘who gets the most votes per category’ wins.

The Elite Class vehicles will  parade around the show ground before returning to the car stage for a driver interview about the car.

The Judging will take place through Saturday and Sunday, with Main Presentations from 3.30pm


Sunday – Trophies for the Best In Each Class and Runner Up will be presented. 



The Categories Are...

Japanese Show Cars presented by Yakushi


Ford GT/GT40 presented by the GT40 Enthusiasts Club

Ford Mustang Generations presented by Simply MustangsUK

Willy's Racecars presented by Willys Wars UK

Highly Modified Retro/Classics presented by Fitted UK

Cosworth presented by Smardon Classics

German Whips presented by DeutscheWagenUK

The Judges

guest judges.png